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IWW Members' Publishing Successes

As the year winds down, many Internet Writing Workshop members continue to wind up enthusiasm for writing and finding publishing success.

We lead our final 2011 list with Rosana Atreya's announcement; she stayed the course for five years, and her shortlisted book (up for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize for unpublished manuscripts) exemplifies purpose and perseverance.

Ann Hite and Mel Jacob also made major announcements and have much to celebrate, so be sure to read through to the end and discover what promises to be a very Happy New Year for them and other IWW members.

Congratulations to all for some well deserved publishing successes!



Rasana Atreya

My book, Tell A Thousand Lies, has been shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize for unpublished manuscripts.

Needless to say, Fiction group on IWW gets a big thank you (with specific mentions of Holly Michael, Carol Kean, Yael Politis, Regina Zeller Wingate, Vrinda Baliga, Silvia Villalobos).

And let's not forget all the wonderful people in Practice-W who put up with my pathetic first attempts, gently steering me to better writing: Albert Ervine, Alice Folkart, Mira Desai, Kathy Highcove, Wayne Scheer, Carol Hicks. Please forgive me if I've left out names.


Bill Backstrom

My very short story, "Midnight Crossing," was the Dec. 15 selection for OneFortyFiction.


Barry Basden

"Hawaiian Reservations," started as just another little nailpolish story. Then it got really long, with a new title. It was snapped up a few hours after submission to Airplane Reading.

Instant gratification.


Jan Bridgeford-Smith

My short story, "Grace's Good Intentions," was published in the inaugural edition of Lady Ink Magazine. The work of several IWW members can be found in this first issue!

The PDF version is a modest price and the publication is filled with interesting stories, poems, and art that "...seeks to promote an egalitarian view of women...and non-cliched treatments of the female form."


Mark Budman

A great review of Sudden Flash Youth: 65 Short-Short Stories. I am a co-editor.


Guilie Castillo

The link to my story, "Mischievous Moonlight," is now live on Fiction365.

Heartfelt gratitude to Wayne for this; after his Yahoo yesterday, I submitted a piece to Pure Slush and it's been accepted.

The piece is "Piano Sonata in C Major, K 545," which started as an exercise for Practice. Thank you so much to everyone that helped to make it stronger and publishable.


Jeannette de Beauvoir

My play about Harriet Quimby and Amelia Earhart was just published in the first issue of Lady Ink.


Ann Hite

I received the best of news late yesterday afternoon. The second book in the Black Mountain series will be published by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. And I even get a slightly higher advance and an exciting promotional plan this time around ;). Those of us in the publishing industry know this is not a small accomplishment with the hard times the book business is going through at the moment. I'm very excited and see this as a wonderful Christmas gift. More exciting news to come about promotion for both Ghost and new book but this by far is thrilling. Ghost has only been out three months! We're on a roll.

Thank you for all your support and belief in me. I don't know what I'd do without you.

Also, Ghost On Black Mountain is one of the ten finalists for The Townsend Prize for Best Fiction. This is a prize given away every two years. My publisher is thrilled, but not as thrilled as me ;). Just being a finalist is a dream come true and gives me a place in Southern Fiction.


Mel Jacob

Just got the offer for a mystery to be published in July 2012. That means I'll have two novels coming out in 2012.


Jacquelynn Rasmenia Massoud

My story, "Muddy Promise" has been published by Every Day Fiction and is now online.

It may be worth mentioning that Every Day Fiction does pay $3 U.S. for a story. This can buy me two espressos from the cafĂ© up the road. So, $3 = a moment of happiness.


Pauline Micciche

My story, "The White Shoes," came in second in the public voting phase of the Columbus Creative Cooperative's "Shoes" Flash Fiction Contest. Unfortunately it did not win one of the prizes in the final phase conducted by Columbus Creative Cooperative judges.


Sarah Morgan

I haven't been writing much of late, but I'm pleased as punch to see my little "Rubber Boot Koan" appears in Four and Twenty's December 2011 issue. Click here for the pdf version and scroll down through the poems. Mine is number 19.

I've found the turnaround from submission to acceptance (or not) is quite quick. It's a fun place and the editors are great to work with.


Bob Sanchez

Holly Jahangiri did a great job interviewing me at her blog, The Next Goal.

I'd love it if you'd stop by and leave a comment.

Five Amazon reviews in December--two for When Pigs Fly and three for Little Mountain.

I'm tickled!


Wayne Scheer

My story, "Early Morning Reverie," is up at Pure Slush.

Fiction365 bought my story, "The Dance of the Long-Time Marrieds." It's set for publication in about a month and a half. They pay $10 for fiction ranging from flash to full-length stories.

Pure Slush accepted my flash, "A Jazz Tune-Up" for their January 18 issue. Each month is devoted to a theme. January's theme is music. They are still accepting stories for January.

Two small victories.

An old flash from Practice, "There's Always Hope," is up at Airplane Reading. Barry Basden is right about how this is a good site if you need instant gratification. I sent them the story last night. It was accepted and up on their site in the morning. They're looking for stories involving airplane travel.

My poem, "Keeping the Earth in Orbit," has been accepted at Long Story Short for a future issue.

Flash Fiction Offensive puts the offensive in Christmas stories. The editor has been putting up Christmas Grit for a while now and my flash, "Home for the Holidays," was published December 26. It's the place to go if you need an antidote for holiday sweets.

I have a "Bouquet of Shorts" up at Apollo's Lyre. FYI: I've notified the editor about two errors that need correcting.


Pat St. Pierre

My poem "The Green Shuttered Cape" was one of the 10 honorable mentions in the 14th Mattia International Poetry Contest (a Canadian contest). I have won honorable mentions there several times.

Just received an email from Silver Boomer Books that published "The Harsh and the Heart" military poems/stories (a poem of mine) in print; it will be an ebook on Amazon's Kindle.

So I guess that's more exposure of my work.


Joanna M. Weston

I'm so pleased that my poem, "Rain," is up at the Camel Saloon.

A poem, "The Gardener," is up at Mused Online, the current issue, 9th from the bottom!

Two stories up at Nailpolish Stories. I just had to try these, thanks to Barry.

Happy New Year.


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