Tuesday, January 24, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues. Congratulations to our latest group!



Michael Baird

My story "Grave Voices"  will be on Fiction365 tomorrow. Thanks to the fiction list.


Barry Basden

Prick of the Spindle has accepted "Benny Goodman Once Played Moonglow Just for Her" for their next quarterly online issue. They do lots of good things there.

Thanks to all who helped make this piece better.

Fwriction's Year One anthology includes "We Continue to Evolve." Happy to be there with some of my favorite writers.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my little prose poem better.


Rick Bylina

No, [a yahoo] not with a bunch of balloons tied to my house, even though I've been accused of a lot of hot air on occasion, but I'm up on The Muriel Reeves Mysteries with an interview. Ypsilanti for me.

Check it out. Membership in Mystery Writers of America paying off.

The good news on Friday the 13th continues...

Oxford Hunt Book Club has selected A Matter of Faith for their February read and has asked me to attend the roasting, er, discussion of the book. There's another 10-16 sales. I can eat at "IHOP"! Gotta find out how they heard about the book.


Guilie Castillo

My short story, "Piano Sonata in C Major, K 545," is now online at Pure Slush.

This story started as a Practice exercise a few months ago, so a great round of applause, please, for all the Practice members that helped shape it into something publishable.


Jeannette de Beauvoir

My flash fiction piece went up today at Dew on the Kudzu, just in time for my birthday! Yahoo indeed.


Mira Desai

I'm delighted to announce that Flashes in the Dark has published my rather nasty flash, "DARK."

Thanks to the practice group, and to Wayne in particular, for suggesting this site.


Sue Ellis

A reprint of my essay, "A Bucket of Dirt Clods," is up at Front Porch Review.

Thanks to those on the fiction list who helped me with this one.


Sherry Gloag

Zizzling Hot Books gave From Now Until Forever a great review.


Lynne Hinkey

A review of Marina Melee is up at Underground Books!

I was also interviewed by Underground Book Reviews; it's now up at their site, along with their review of Marina Melee!


Ann Hite

When I first began writing seriously, I dreamed of being noticed by Chapel Hill. That dream came true this week. They reviewed Ghost On Black Mountain and placed it in their North Carolina reference collection. I’m snoopy dancing. This is almost as exciting as being a finalist for the Townsend Prize and being nominated for Best First Novel by a Georgia Author.


Mel Jacob

Contract has yet to come, but I have a pub date for When Lilacs Bloom, a time-travel romance. It's May 4, 2012, so I'll have two the same month (two different publishers).

My short "Deadly Valentine" is to be released Jan 27. They accepted it some time ago, but said they would hold it so I didn't think were going to issue it soon. It's only about 2K so I don't know what to expect, but it will be up before Valentine's Day. I found out when I got the copyedits today. :)


Barbara Johnson

Just uploaded Why I Didn't Sleep with Mitt Romney on Amazon, which said it'll be online in 12 hours. If you have a Kindle app, you can get it from the Lending Library.


Mona Leeson-Vanek

Yahoo! Much of the credit goes to IWW NFiction critters for the kudo I received this morning, regarding "Northwest MedStar: Eastern Washington's Affordable Vital Link in a Medical Emergency."

Northwest MedStar's Marketing & Communications Strategist, Jerrie Heyamoto, wrote:

"Thanks for the nice story. I've sent it on so everyone can take a look." See www.inhs.org.


Tom Mahony

My flash, "Three Waves," is up at Front Porch Review.

My third novel, Pacific Offering, will be published by Casperian Books, with a release date likely in 2013. Click here for a brief synopsis of the book.


Judith Quaempts

Dreadful Little Press has accepted a flash piece, "The Nature of Love (and Other Disorders)" for a future issue.  Funny thing is I submitted this last November and forgot all about it so quite surprised when I got the word yesterday.

Thanks to the fiction list for tweaking it.


Bob Sanchez

Today I offered my noir mystery Getting Lucky for free and then tweeted my brains out all day long. The result is 1436 downloads in one day. Amazon ranked it #244 in free ebooks and #5 in hard-boiled mysteries.

Apparently, "free" is good. Little Mountain is free this weekend, and 1845 people have downloaded it since yesterday. Ranked 25th in mystery & thriller!


Wayne Scheer

My story, "The Transition," is up at Eunoia Review.

My flash, "Turning Thirteen" is up at Long Story Short.

Both of these stories began in Practice, so thanks for the inspiration and the helpful comments.

Atlantean Publishers, out of Essex, UK, has accepted my story, "You  Can Never Be Too Careful," for their print publication, Monomyth Magazine.  I subbed the story March, 2009.  My reward will be a free contributors' copy.

It's the ones you least expect that please you the most.  A while back I entered a strange contest at On the Premise.  They asked for a story of less than thirty words using the same phonetic sound (alliteration) as much as possible.  I won second place and ten dollars.  If you're curious, here's what I came up with.

My story, "Bringing Mama Home," is up at Muscadine Lines.  

My story, "Late Night Heroics," is up at Everyday Fiction.

My story, "Three Generations," has been reprinted by The Corner Club Press.  It is in Issue 6, beginning on page 45.

My story, "A Jazz Tune-Up," written for Practice a long while back, is up at Pure Slush, their music themed issue.

My story, "Mysterious Ways," is up at Dead Mule.  This story was written for a Practice exercise a few years ago.  It took quite a few rewrites to land it a home.

This url will take you to my "southern legitimacy" statement. I think it captures my "Southernness."  From there, you can click on my story if  you so desire.

My non-fiction piece, "Off the Road," has been accepted by Cobalt Review for their March issue.


Jack Shakely

Yahoo. I have just been informed by Bedford/St. Martin Press that my op-ed piece on Indian mascots that appeared in the August 25, 2011, Los Angeles Times will be included in the college textbook "Everything's an Argument With Readings." The initial press run will be 200,000, which is 199,200 more than my first novel.

And I say to myself "It's a Wonderful World."


Pat St. Pierre

My photo "Red Velvet" is in the January issue of Front Porch Review under Visual arts.

I am posted as a "Weekly Artist" at www.weeklyartist.com.


Bob White

Yesterday our local library held a 'Meet the Author' day for local writers. I was invited to bring my mystery novel, Abducted (Critted here last year by the Novels group). The results: (1) They've placed it in the library for loan; (2) I've been invited back for a solo book signing this spring; (3) The library's mystery book club has selected it to be the next novel they read; (4) I sold every copy I had with me for sale.

What a great day.

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