Tuesday, January 31, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

I'm proud to present below our latest batch of Internet Writing Workshop members who found publishing success this past week. Congratulations to all of you!



Mark Budman

My story "Anniversary" is up at One Forty Fiction. 140-characters. Twitter size.

Thank you, Bill Backstrom, for the market tip.


Rick Bylina

Every wonder what makes Rick tick? How the book sales are really going? How many decades it took to write his first novel? Check out the interview up on the Indie Writing blogWorking hard to make the Chatham County Best-Sellers list. I mean, really, how many books can be coming out of Chatham County in a year. I have to be in the top 100 by now. Can't I be? Maybe? Confidence ebbs, opossum in yard shakes head in disgust as he eats more of Rick's bird seed in front of Rick.


Sherry Gloag

I have a guest blog up at Murders and Mysteries.


Mel Jacob

Got an email in this morning's mail notifying me Deadly Valentine is now available from allromanceebooks.com and it's also up at Amazon. You can see the cover there.


Mona Leeson-Vanek

The editor of the River Journal plans to announce my online editions of "Behind These Mountains," vol. 1, 2 & 3. Trish Gannon, the editor wrote, "...Mona I had no idea you had put the books online - what a wonderful resource! I'll have to put something in the River Journal about it. You should also upload your files via Amazon's create space or something like it, so that those who might want a hard copy of the book can buy one. (Like me - I wish I knew who I had loaned my books to, so I could get them back.)

Yes! I replied with a press release, and then sent PR to a few MT newspapers, and to Libby, MT. School Supt. I need to find time to do promotion.


Elaine Moore

My story, "Oceans Apart," is the featured story today at Daily Love.


Eric Petersen

My latest book review - a review of the gangster novel Narrows Gate by Jim Fusilli - has been published by the Internet Review of Books.


Monideepa Sahu

My short story, "Rites of Passage,"  is now published in the anthology The Killer App and Other Paranormal Stories (Penguin India). The book is available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Book depository UK and elsewhere.

My special thanks to Mithran Somasundram and Mira Desai for their valuable feedback.


Bob Sanchez

21,900 downloads of When Pigs Fly in January!


Wayne Scheer

I have a poem, "Mojo," up at A Day's Encounter.


Joanna M. Weston

Three of my poems up at Birds by my Window, down on the left hand side. With many thanks for the Poetry List for their help with at least one of them.

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