Monday, February 20, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues. Congratulations to this week’s crew!



Bill Weldy

My novel “Outlaws,” which so many of you assisted with your valuable crits, is slated to be released on Amazon and Musa Publishing site on April 27th. Now for the dreaded marketing. Thank you all.


Wayne Scheer

My story, "The Dance of the Long-Time Married," is up at Fiction365.

Thanks to all at Fiction for their critiques.

I also have a flash, "Old Habits," up at Loch Raven Review.


Sue Ellis

“Cats and Casanovas” is up today at Stanley and the Whale, part of the editor's Valentine's Week collection.

The editor presents one story each day, after which they're nudged down the page, finally disappearing after five days or so. He likes the unusual, a lot like Weird Year. The stories he likes best go into a printed book at the end of the quarter. I haven't heard yet whether or not C & C made the cut. Thanks to Fiction for the comments and suggestions on this one.


Jody Ewing

On February 14, the Daily Gate City -- which covers the Iowa, Illinois and Missouri tri-state region -- published an article about cold case victim Delores (Toni Martinez) Hornung, quoting a large amount of information from my recent Iowa Cold Cases blog post, "Somebody Knows Something." I was quite pleased with their story and how they folded in the details.


Jackie Arnett (writing as Sherry Gloag)

“From Now Until Forever” is #1 in Fiction Books in Amazon and was available free from Astraea Press on Feb. 15.


Mark Kline

Finished an unusual translation recently. It's on a wall at the national museum of art in Copenhagen, which is a place I never imagined anything I ever had anything to do with would be. I had to translate the poem so each line and the poem as a whole took up almost the same number of words, characters, spaces, to give a mirror effect on the wall, the original and translation side by side. The poem was written for an exhibition of the Danish painter, Hammershoi. It probably doesn't make sense without seeing the exhibition and his paintings, but here it is, on their website.


Francene Stanley

I've just signed the contract with Solstice Publishing for “Still Rock Water.” Much kudos goes to Edith Parzefall, my writing partner of another series of books, which will be published by Double Dragon Publishing in May. I must have sent a query to at least one hundred agents and publishers over the last years. After each rejection, which never gave any reason so I could change the dross, I edited, edited, edited. I've reached the stage where I enjoy editing more than writing. It's a wonderful opportunity to improve. A publishing deal. Yahoo!

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