Monday, September 24, 2012

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Books! Books! And did I mention Books!?

Internet Writing Workshop members continue to find publishing success in all venues, with this week's list landing in poetry and "nights and weekends" magazines, and (of course) books! A big congratulations to all who've worked so hard for some well deserved successes!

Rasana Atreya

For what it's worth, my novel, Tell A Thousand Lies, hit the #1 in my category on Amazon today, September 23:

#1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Drama > Eastern

#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Drama > Eastern


Paul Fein

My feature, "The Escape Artist," has been awarded 8th Place in the Magazine Feature Article category of the 81st Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. The feature also has appeared in Sports Illustrated magazine in South Africa.


Ramona Forrest

I have had 7 books taken by Black Opal Books. The first ones come out this Fall (Stranger on the Tonto, Jake's Song), and some in the Spring.

I wish to express my thanks to the group for the fine editing and all I have learned.

Thanks a big bunch!


Mel Jacob

Busy month. I finished my Christmas story and am awaiting word from the publisher. Also:

When Lilacs Bloom by Nell DuVall (etopia Press) is out in both print and ebook.

"The Corpulent Chiropteran" (short story, Melange Books) will be out soon in ebook and we've got a killer cover for it. I'm struggling to post the various covers on my website.

The Train to Yesterday (etopia Press) is out in ebook.

"Teaching Man" (2nd short story) in Touched by Darkness ebook Anthology (etopia Press) will be in print in October.


Ellen Kombiyil

I'm thrilled that my poem "Letter to the Gods of the L&D Ward" appears in the current issue of Poemeleon.

A huge thank you to everyone on Poetry-w who critiqued this poem and helped me to shape it into the poem I wanted it to be.


Tom Mahony

My short story "Manifesto" is up at Nights and Weekends.


Edith Parzefall

My social thriller, Strays of Rio, has been released on the International Day of Peace, an honor and a responsibility. Can the cycle of violence be broken? There is a glimmer of hope.

Big thanks to the members of Novels-L, who helped me polish this baby.

Also, Holly Michael recently hosted me on her blog as I paid tribute to all the great people who took care of and watched out for me and my companion as we traveled in Brazil.

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