Monday, April 21, 2014

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

William Bartlett
My April column is up at in the Word from Dad feature.  This column marks my fifth anniversary of writing this feature. Entitled 'Because I Said So,' it's also available in print in KC Parent magazine. 
Joanna M. Weston

My poem, “The girl on the barstool,”is at Gutter Eloquence. 

Both Beth Camp and I survived the last Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award cut for a General Fiction.

Sarah Corbett Morgan

My review of a most interesting memoir, The Other Side of Paradise: Life in the New Cuba (Julia Cooke), is live at the Internet Review of Books.

Wayne Scheer

My story, “Night Music,” is up at Wolf Willow Journal. I wrote it as a twist on the standard Halloween ghost story.

Theresa A. Cancro

A short poem in Three Line Poetry, Issue #25 (click on the issue, then scroll down to the end)

One haiku at A Handful of Stones for Wednesday, 16 April 2014:

Three haiku, with German translations, in Chrysanthemum's current issue (#15) (scroll to page 10):

One poem, “Winter White,” at Leaves of Ink for today, April 19, 2014.

Paul Pekin

My CNF story, “Dies Irae,” has been accepted by The Big Muddy Review, a publication of The Southeast Missouri State University Press. Big Muddy Review masthead at this link, but not my story which will appear only in print.

Another print-only publication, Little Patuxent Review, will have my short story, “Can't Sleep,” in an upcoming issue.

Also, a third short story has been accepted, a long one (7500 words, don't give up on length yet, folks). I have yet to find out when and in what form it will appear, so I will hold off on details until I get them.

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