Monday, April 16, 2018

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Mel Jacob


Breach of Containment (Central Corps) by Elizabeth Bonesteel Review by Mel Jacob

Harper Voyager Trade Paperback / eBook ISBN/ITEM#: 9780062413680 October 2017 List Price $16.99

Elena Shaw works for a trader transporting cargo to various worlds. When she tries to deliver goods to Yakutsk, warring factions attack her shuttle. However, that merely foreshadows a much deeper plot by a major supplier of terraforming services and atmospheric systems that threatens the Earth.

She Murdered Me with Science (Noel R. Glass, #1) by David Boop Review by Mel Jacob

WordFire Press Trade Paperback ISBN/ITEM#: 9781614755623 April 2017 List Price $16.99

Conspiracies abound in David Boop's She Murdered Me with Science, including one for world domination. Boop mixes a noir setting with an alternate world and dangerous opponents who will stop at nothing to gain their ends.

Gumshoe Review:

Murder in the Bowery (Gaslight) by Victoria Thompson Review by Mel Jacob

Berkley Mass Market Paperback ISBN/ITEM#: 9781101987131 April 2018 List Price $7.99

Set in 1899, the mystery centers on two murders. One is of a young socialite found in a trunk in a Bowery alley. The other death is of an orphan newsboy who discovered the body. Private detective Frank Molloy believes the two murders are connected.

Three Strikes, You're Dead (Eddie Shoes) by Elena Hartwell

Cover Artist: Design: Sabrina Sun Review by Mel Jacob Camel Press Paperback ISBN/ITEM#: 9781603817271 April 2018 List Price $15.95

Private Investigator Eddie Shoes takes a hike in the woods, gets lost, and finds a badly injured man. He gives her a rosary and asks her to find Gabriella, his daughter. Eddie soon learns the daughter has disappeared, but no one knows where. However, this is only the first mystery among a nest of others.

Joanna M. Weston

I have a poem up at Sliver of Stone. It is actually an ekphrastic poem, from Lynn Blaikie's artwork. Many thanks to the Poetry List for their help, and to Phyllis Sanchez for suggesting this ezine.

Theresa A. Cancro

Three of my new haiku have been published in Presence, issue #60, a print journal based in the UK.

One haiku has been published today on Stanzaic Stylings.

One haiku of mine has been published in Chrysanthemum 23, with a German translation. Click on "download" then scroll to page 10.

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