Monday, September 10, 2018

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Pamelyn Casto

My haiku is a finalist in a haiku contest at Better Than Starbucks.

I'm happy to say that my essay, On the Artistic Temperament and A Writer's Need for Privacy, has been accepted for publication at Fiction Southeast. (It was originally published in Fiction Fix.) I don't know yet when my essay will be online, but when I get that info, I'll be sure to post it.

In the past Fiction Southeast also re-published my articles that originally appeared in Writer's Digest (and in Writer's Digest's other publications). I think it's great that Fiction Southeast will consider previously published work.

I sent two poems, Prenatal Care and For The Most Part, into Poetry Repairs some time ago (a couple of years ago) and heard nothing on them (other than they were accepted for publication). I checked back often and found no additional information.

This morning I checked again (after not checking for several months) and discovered they had been published in November of 2017! But no one told me they'd been published! The editor forgot to inform me.

I just now made the discovery. Oh, well. Mistakes happen. Better late than never. I'm disappointed that I missed the when of it all but I'm also pleased that I'm in the publication with some writers I admire a lot.

Eric Petersen

My review of Trial On Mount Koya, a Hiro Hattori Novel by Susan Spann, has been published by the Internet Review of Books.

Wayne Scheer

Forge Literary Magazine has nominated my nonfiction piece, A Quiet Man, for a Best of the Net award.

Lynne Hinkey

My review of "Unlikely Companions" is now up at the Internet Review of Books.

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