Monday, January 17, 2022

IWW Members' Publishing Successes For The Week Ending 1/16/22

Eric Petersen

My 100-word short story, The Final Procedure, has been published by A Story In 100 Words. Thanks to everyone on Fiction who critiqued it. It's amazing how changing just one word can improve a story.

Phyllis Sanchez

Poetry Northwest is publishing my poem “The Bait Shack” in the 2022 spring print issue of Poetry Northwest, as well as the digital issue. You can find the poem on page 44 under my pen name Lis Sanchez. To those who helped me with support and suggestions, thank you. Thank you! Truly, you are amazing!

The editors at poetry Northwest are offering as a gift during these hard times the entire digital issue, with this note: "Our hope is that a digital version will allow you to not only share your own work, if you wish, but that of your fellow contributors.”

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