Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Miss Snark

If you're a regular reader of the IWW Blog, you're aware no doubt one of the first RSS feeds from another writing blog was that to Miss Snark, the anonymous persona reporting from deep in the bowels of the beast we call the publishing industry.

Miss Snark has retired.

Oddly enough, as important as this person appeared to be to writers-attempting-to-be-published-authors, if you write "Miss Snark" in the search mechanisms of The Washington Post or the New York Times, you find to results.

On the other hand, if you write "Miss Snark retires" in Google, you'll find laments by the score from bloggers and from e-publications like The AbsoluteWrite.

And this from a site supposed to have attracted 2,000,000 visitors! One would think Miss Snark could have turned that amount of traffic into an advertising bonanza.

I wish I understood all I know, and know all I think I know.

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