Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Week of Yahoos!

Lots of people scoring triumphs last week! Putting these in alphabetical order by last names seemed only fair. Next time I'll do it by first names.

Ruth Douillette:

T-zero Xpandizine-The Writer's E-Zine is an online e-zine focusing on writing. They published an essay of mine called: "Who Me? Blog? Seven Reasons Why You Should." They publish monthly, usually switching stories mid-month.

Lynn Edge:

My haibun, "Death in the RV Park," is up on Simply Haiku. You will have to click enter and scroll down to the haibun section. My photo is included with this one if anyone is interested. "Death in the RV Park" was critiqued by the poets on this list. Thanks to everyone.

Peg Frey:

Hi All!

Just rec'd a nod from the flashquake folks that my CNF piece, "Morning Deliveries," has been picked up for their summer issue. Should be available in early June and will run as an Editor's pick. Flashquake publishes fiction, nonfiction and poetry and has published many of our members in the past. This is my third appearance. A 1000-word maximum is required on submissions; a modest stipend is paid on publication.

I also had a piece selected and I guess published [rec'd the check when I returned home] for Cup of Comfort's Classic Essay edition. This was a very quick turn over, a call for submissions with a 3-week deadline. I had the essay on file, "Holding your Breath," and the editor Colleen Sell picked it up. She also did a splendid editing job. The Cup of Comfort series has been running for several years. They normally have targeted titles similar to the Chicken Soup folks. They pay $100 per piece with a $500 bump on lead essays. Again, a number of members have published with COC.

You can check out manuscript particulars at:

Both pieces garnered comments/suggestions on the nonfiction and practice boards. So, thanks for the help and continuing encouragement!

Alan Girling:

A pulp fiction website, Demolition Magazine (2007 Gumshoe Award Winner for Best Crime Fiction Website), has just published my story, "Cake." If you don't mind reading about nasty people doing nasty things, take a look at it. Or be warned.

Wendee Holtcamp

"Will Urban Sprawl K.O. The Koala? A wildlife hospital founded by the late 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin is helping Australia's teddy-bearish marsupial weather the threat of fragmented forest habitat." National Wildlife Magazine, Jun/July 2007 World Edition.


Kristen Howe:

Associated Content has accepted my article, "From Creation to Cancellation: Why Good Shows Get Canceled? (part 1)," since Constant-Content rejected it twice, the original and the revision. I got an offer of $4.23. Since no one critted it, I'll let you know when it's up. I hope to get parts 2-3 up there too shortly. Stay tuned.

Louisa Howerow:

I have a short fiction piece up in Night Train called "The Crossing." It started as a Practice piece (about two years ago). Thank you to the members for their critiques. The exercise prompts and the feedback are wonderful!

Night Train publishes fiction and poetry. They used to be a print magazine; they weren't able to make a go of it with the last issue. It will now be on-line.

Robert Hyers:

Yahoo! My non-fiction piece "Return To Neverland." The query was critted on the n-f list, is now up. Thank you guys so much!

And a special shout out to Dawn Goldsmith, who I hope is getting out of her slump. She's a fantastic writer and human being. She gave me the confidence to try something new and patiently guided me through my first query process. Thanks, Dawn!

Steven Maus:

Associated Content bought my short story "The Drill Press!' It is the first ever piece of writing that I have sold, so I'm very excited. Go on over and have a read.

Bob Sanchez:

On Point, the Army's journal of military history, liked my review of Where are the WMDs? and will publish it in their next issue. Many thanks to folks on this list who offered their comments. You helped a lot!

Wayne Scheer:

File this one under You Never Know...

For a long while now, I've often had a story or nonfiction essay (sometimes both) published in flashquake each quarter, a real source of pride. This time, I sent them a story and an essay I thought were good, and at the last minute, I sent them my only published poem, "Cousin Harold," since they accept reprints. Despite my dreams of winning the Triple Crown, the story and essay were rejected but the poem will be up in June. You never know. I'll be joining Peg Frey; that's good company. My short story, "Buddies," will be published in Skive Magazine, also in June. Skive is usually a print magazine, but this issue will be sold as an ezine.

Thanks to Fiction for critiquing "Buddies." Thanks also to Practice for forcing me to try my hand at writing a poem. This is a great group.

I'm about to leave for a two-week vacation, but I got a nice going away gift from Conceit Magazine, a print publication. They published an old essay of mine, "My War Story," in their May issue. Since I sent it to them months ago they certainly were late in notifying me, but that's all right. As usual, thanks for all your help. I'll miss you as I'm cruising the Baltic...but not that much.

Joanna M. Weston:

Four poems published: 'Movement', 'The nine ways of Lisa', 'Causality', and 'Old music new' in Myth Weavers: Canadian myths and legends, edited by Katherine L. Gordon, published by Serengeti Press. The poems were all critiqued on the list - many thanks to you all.

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