Thursday, August 30, 2007

That First Amazon Review

by Diane Diekman

The first Live Fast Love Hard review on gave me a four because I didn't talk enough about Faron Young's music. The reviewer doesn't realize he's telling me I achieved my goal -- which was to make readers curious enough to seek out the music, listen to it, and form their own opinions.

How am I qualified to tell other people what "great music" is? I can't tell the difference between a sharp and a flat, and I had to ask another singer what to call Faron -- a baritone.

I agree with the second reviewers' comment that Faron's music speaks for itself. I tried not to tell readers what to think, because I don't like biographers telling me how I should feel about a particular recording. Especially if I'm reading a book about a person who didn't perform my style of music.

As for marketing, I'm finding that the University of Illinois Press is willing to help me set up events and ensure the books are there, but it's up to me to get myself there. This is definitely not a money-making deal.

I'll never even earn back what I spent on research, so I'm going to choose a few events that I expect to be great fun. People in Nashville and Shreveport (Faron Young's home town) and Fort Worth are working on tribute shows to Faron, in conjunction with book signings.

It doesn't get better than that.

  • Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story by Diane Diekman
  • The University of Illinois Press says "Presenting the first detailed portrayal of this lively and unpredictable country music star, Diane Diekman masterfully draws on extensive interviews with Young's family, band members, and colleagues. Impeccably researched, Diekman's narrative also weaves anecdotes from the Louisiana Hayride and other old-time radio shows with ones from Young's business associates, including Ralph Emery ..."

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