Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Marketing Your Book

Signed that contract to be published. Next comes the Marketing Questionnaire, a handful of pages of information you need to provide that helps the publishing house understand how they can make people want to buy your book.

Be prepared to ...

  • Provide detailed personal and professional information
  • Offer input for the design of the book cover and book jacket
  • Understand how to reel in the reader with a 250 word summary
  • Have a zinger sentence for the cover
  • Know what books will compete with your book and why your book is better
  • Provide a detailed concept of your audience
  • Suggest writers who might endorse your book
  • Suggest publicity venues
  • Suggest venues for reviews
  • Find elements of your book that might be published as excerpts
  • Suggest publications to print those excerpts
  • Provide ideas of how you personally might promote your book
  • Suggest competitions where your book might compete for recognition
  • Provide a list of local book stores and other markets for book sales
  • Suggest national and regional magazines with readerships who might find your book interesting, thus providing another source of reviews or locations for advertising
  • List possible international markets, review venues, and advertising potential
A writer's work is never done.

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.
- Mark Twain

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