Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

The great Ernest Hemingway once waxed poetic about such a place, and, as one of the administrators of The Internet Writing Workshop, I can attest to the benefits of its virtual equivalent -- the critique lists of the Workshop.

An incident last week reminded me that the critique lists of the IWW are monitored groups where administrators work hard to provide a safe, friendly, supportive environments for writers to improve their craft.


  • We don't allow personal attacks.
  • We demand that people critique writing rather than indulge in personal opinions.
  • We keep all list traffic on point.
  • We have material to help members with formating and posting issues.
  • We work hard to see that members post cleanly formatted and readily legible posts.
  • We encourage good karma -- "Want critiques? Do critiques!"
  • We follow up if a submission receives no critiques.
  • We take action when things go wrong.
Know someone seriously interested in improving their skills. Send them to the Internet Writing Workshop.

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