Monday, June 30, 2008

IWW Members in Print and Published

A quiet week, but what we have are choice, and there’s some good market info here. If yours is not listed, let me know!


Alice Folkart

The editor of 7Beats has included my poem The Nursery (a shark nursery, not the other kind) in this week's issue. The editor has taken his readers' suggestions and provided a table of contents. Joanna Weston has two excellent poems in this issue, too. So, come and see us shine, and also make the acquaintance of some poets you might never have heard of. I especially like one, a guy named Popa. See if you have any favorites.

Joe Hendrix

I now have to pat myself on the back. Just received an email from Pen Pricks telling me that my last flash fiction submission was past the June 15th deadline, but after reading my story, and they liked my previous stories, they're going to make an exception and squeeze it in on the July edition with my other story that was accepted at the first of June.

The down side of my morning was that I received my first rejection from Breath and Shadow. Figured I might have a shot there since the #1 requirement is that the writer has to be disabled. Thought maybe being a wheelchair with MS would finally pay off.

Kristen Howe

Yahoo! My poem "Whistling Winds" is now published at's summer/fall issue. There's no payment for it. But it's good to have some good news. I love the photo of the trees.

P.S. : I did get my check for Quantum Leap, earlier this month, for 2 pounds. But I have to pay for my copy, which I'm waiting for in the mail. I was able to use that check as partial payment along with a $4 check. If I get it, I'll let you know.

Mel Jacob

Participated with several other authors in a book signing at an independent book store in German Village, sort of a historic area of Columbus. They had their annual House and Garden Tour so we got a lot foot traffic. Gave away all of bookmarks. Managed to sell 3 Train books and a couple of Sprite Press children's books. Got chased out by rain near the end of the things, but otherwise fine. We talked to a lot of people, gave away free M&Ms and Tootsie Rolls, Gave train stickers to the kids, and had fun as well.

Ellen Kombiyil

My short, humorous poem "After Drinking Too Much Wine" has been published by Feathertale.

Feathertale is devoted to humor and publishes stories, cartoons and poetry. Submission guidelines can be found here.

Jayne Pupek

My essay "The Tapestry of Place" appears in the new issue of The Algonkian

This is a small periodical about books, authors, and publishing, prepared from time to time for friends of Algonquin Books publishers.

CLEIS PRESS has accepted my story "In a Station of the Metro" for inclusion in FRENZY, an anthology of short (flash) fiction erotica, edited by Alison Tyler. FRENZY will be published in the fall.

CLEIS publishes provocative, intelligent books in the areas of sexuality, gay and lesbian studies, erotica, fiction, gender studies, and human rights.


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