Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why You're Here

  • I am a former member from several years back. I learned of this opportunity with a Google search at that time.
  • I found you through writers digest 101 best writing websites for 2008!
  • I found this group through Google. After looking at various writing groups (in person and online), I really liked the tone and feel of this one and thought it would be a good fit.
  • Actually, a was a participating member of this group years ago but had to quit due to personal obligation. I always loved it and wish to join up again.
  • I found out about IWW through Internet searching.
  • Introduction to your site came via a list given by one of my writing forums - re: Writer's Digest list of 101 Best Sites.
  • I found your website by means of google.
  • My sister, Lucille Falcone, recommended this workshop to me.
  • I learned about the workshops through another mom I met at the park.
  • I found your website by doing a search for critique groups.
  • I found this site by doing my own research.
  • Many thanks to member Jessica LaGrone for passing the word along.
  • Found you through GoodSearch (for my son's elementary school)--searching "poetry critique".
  • I learned about your workshop while browsing the Internet looking for writing classes - I am very glad that I found you.
  • I found you through an email I received from a writer's site/newsletter.
  • I found your website through the 101 best of list and I am enjoying it to the extent that I would like to join the non fiction list.
  • I found this list by searching Writing Groups in Google. I looked at other online groups, but found this one to be the most professional and what I wanted from a group.
  • I found you by searching google for "poetry workshop."
  • I learned about the Internet Writing Workshop from Jayne Pupek’s blog about how she wrote her first novel.
  • I heard about you through the Writers' Digest top 100 list.
  • I found this site via google.
  • I found you through writing-world.com
  • I read about this list in a story by Dawn Goldsmith that was published in FundsforWriters.
  • I found the I.W.W. through a simple search on Google for "writing workshops."
  • I found your site through a link on author Meg Waite Clayton's website.
  • I found out about Internet Writing Workshop through the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Sites for Writers.
  • I found this group from Larry Buttram.

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