Monday, October 13, 2008

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Another week of good news--nice change from what we see on TV. :-)


Peg Frey

Hi All!

I just received notice from Anne Stuessey at Sniplits that my story "Sliding into Twelve" has been selected as a featured story this week at the Sniplits site. Sniplits stories are audio presentations that can be downloaded to your computer, Ipod, or MP3 player. The fees are very modest [88 cents per download] and feeds into the explosion of audio/vid technology
that has entered the scene. I thought it was a neat idea and I'm happy to be a part of the new options in storytelling. This story was originally published in ByLine Magazine, so this gives the text a second life.

I'm remiss in announcing a short essay at Tiny Lights that was published a couple of months ago. The prompt was: Have You Learned Anything From Rejection? The editor picked the shortie up very quickly. The flash nonfiction can be found here, under "Previous Questions," second item down.

Also, another acceptance was in the last issue of Wild Violet, a short nonfiction. The theme for the "Cuttings" department was "Journey." Glad to have joined Wayne Scheer and Ann Hite in the same issue. The Cuttings Department is described as "Cuttings consist of shorter pieces -- thoughts and observations that might not have rooted themselves into a full piece but are nevertheless beautiful in their present state."

Well, we can only hope so! This was a piece straight from the Practice board [with some tweaks and nudges]. Thanks to everyone who read and commented.

Kathy Highcove

My latest restaurant review of the Pampas Cafe is up at Valley Scene Magazine. I will not soon forget that evening, and not because of the grilled specialties and the three-decker cookies.

My husband and I drove in the direction of the restaurant that evening and we had to keep pulling over for ambulances, police cruisers and fire engines. "What's going on?" we asked each other. We turned on the car radio and learned of the train collision in Chatsworth, just a few miles up the road from where we were headed.

When we got to the Pampas Cafe and were seated for our feast, we couldn't take our eyes away from the scene outside the big picture windows. The ambulances that had passed us going to the wreck now shrieked by us on the return trip to the area hospitals. One after another the emergency vehicles sped through the intersection with their cargoes of misery.

The restaurant owner and I looked at each other after another siren shot by and I told him, "Gives me chills." He replied, "Me, too." Then we turned back to the menu and got down to the business of discussing his chef's specialties, the wine list, and how we planned to photograph the dishes.

Felt really strange preparing to write about food and not the tragedy just up the street a short ways. The review doesn't mention the terrible event but every time I think of the accident, I'll remember watching those vehicles ferrying the injured past my meal of Argentinian fare.

One of the victims who died was a policewoman going home after work. The local police learned a fellow officer had died in the accident and they headed to the scene. Our paper took a photo of several policemen forming an honor guard to salute her body when it was removed from the wreckage and escort her remains to the coroner's hearse. I was very moved when I saw that photo.

Mel Jacob

Received my author copies of Thorndike Press Clean Reads Large Print edition of Train to Yesterday today!

Randy Radic

My next book, A Priest in Hell, is available for pre-order on I'm excited. If you think you'd like to read about an embezzling priest, jail, gangbangers, murderers, etc., please pre-order a copy. It will be released April, 2009.


Carole A. Sutton

Thanks to all my wonderful critiquers on NovelsL, Legend Press in the UK will be publishing Ferryman, my crime fiction novel set in Cornwall, England.

Hopefully it will be out in time for Christmas.

Ferryman distinguished itself earlier by becoming short listed for the Dundee International Book Prize 2007 and is currently on the best seller list of

Wayne Scheer

I just found out my story, "Big Brother," published as a rant, (?), was up at Poor Mojo's Almanac(k) and is already gone. Stories appear and disappear there with little to no warning. This one was critiqued in Fiction a long while back and I've always liked its nastiness.

Also, Bent Pin Quarterly has published "The Long Drive Home" in their Story Within a Story section. The good folks at Fiction also helped me revise the story.

Thanks to all.

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