Monday, November 3, 2008

IWW Members' Publishing Successes

Not many this time, but just wait--soon there’ll be a bonanza. The number varies every week, but IWW members keep producing great work, and that will never stop.


Sue Ellis

Three new poems up at Dead Mule.

Kristen Howe

I have good news for this weekend. My three poems are now published in Ceremony, and my poem "Stormy Nightfall" is featured in the Unknown Poet's Corner. Scroll down a little.

Plus, Poet's Pen has accepted my three poems for my third submission/acceptance for the December 1st issue: "Flawless Garden," "Guardians of the Night," and "Enjoy Nature." I do have to pay $10 for the issue. No website.

Mel Jacob

One review up at SFRevu : Jennewein and Parker's Rune Warriors, the start
of new YA series set in Norseland.

Two reviews up at Gumshoe Review: Eric Van Lustbader's First Daughter and Gary Newman's Ruffian on the Stairs.

Sprite Press mounted a new website and published three new titles: Have You Seen a Fairy?, The Toad Princess, and The Pig Who Ate Halloween.

Busy month.

Wayne Scheer

My favorite named print journal, Shakespeare's Monkey Review, will print an old humor piece of mine that was critiqued in Fiction, "Larry Turner Loved to Eat." Along with fame, it brings the fortune of $10.

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